ASSUMED NAME: Nadori Anira
ALIASES: Anae and Nae-nae
STATUS: Sleeping, usually (active)
AUTHOR: Hillary aka Nezu-chan (Lady Saille's Haven)
OTAKU OF: Chichiri na no da
FACTION: River Styx Boating Club (kidding)
AURA COLOR: Light blue
PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: She’s 5’10 with milky-white skin and long, thick black hair, typically worn in braids. She is lean, but strong and is well enough endowed to have cleavage. Her eyes are a dark blue-violet shade and her hair will give off multicolored glints in sunlight. She dresses practically.
POWERS: Besides her great skill at fighting and an infinite ability to tease her Guardian, she has a special touch with life energies. She can feel the life energies of all living things, and also can drain these energies to heal herself or others. To drain humans, however, she needs the sword that was given to her by her father. If she is hurt seriously, her body automatically drains the life energy around her to heal her. Being the daughter of a god, she will live forever unless killed (it does NOT have to be by beheading - any instantly fatal wound will do).
EQUIPMENT: She has an ordinary katana and a purple armored tunic. She also has her father’s Helmet of Darkness and the sword that he gave her. The sword, sheathed, is just a black hilt hanging by a thong around her neck. When she unsheathes it (by placing the hilt against her chest and drawing the blade from her heart). The blade is a made of a slightly glassy black material that gives off odd glints of color. It can be used to drain the energies of a human by coming into contact with an open wound. The Helmet has various powers of illusion.
WEAKNESSES: She’s a hammer and is afraid of large bodies of water. Tends to sleep for very long times if she is very tired. She has to have someone or something to heal with the energy she draws or it can backlash through her system and destroy her mind. In any circumstances, human life energy is painful to absorb and channel and Immortal energy is, well, like lightning to her and can be too powerful for her. Chocolate and food in general are another weakness.
PERSONALITY QUIRKS: She can have an odd sense of humor, due to her long life and her friends (think Lord Charon and more dead jokes than you want to hear). When she unsheathes the sword her father gave her, she becomes more powerful, like a god, but unfortunately, she also gains the outlook of a Greek god: capable, but with little conscience.
ORIGIN: First seen in BW! FY, taking a vacation from Japan. She is the daughter of Hades and a dryad (and the conception happened BEFORE Hades went into the Underworld - a little fling on the way there, you might say).
GOALS: To survive.
NOTABLE ALLIES: She and Susanne were becoming friends, but Otaku must fight, so who knows what may happen. Her truest ally is her Guardian Orpheus (a little brown mouse in animal form), referred to as "the only gay Guardian," though that is not precisely true.
NOTABLE ENEMIES: Due to an unfortunate incident involving a throat-slitting and a scar, Nyx is out for Anaera’s blood.


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