Dion, Celly, and SoranoASSUMED NAME: Celly
REAL NAME: Celeste Tsukino
ALIASES: Sailor Earth, Terra, Sailor Sera, the looney or "the chick in thefuku"
STATUS: Active
AUTHOR: Watashi wa Celly no Creator desu. Megami-sama. (The Loft Of Sailor Seraphim)
OTAKU OF: any worthy bishounen (which usually means all of them) and Sailor Saturn who has kick-ass boots
FACTION: Endymion no Otaku (wai! wai! anata wa atashi no 'nii-chan!)
THEME SONG: "Violet" by savage garden and "Velvet Underworld" by Weiss
PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: shoulder length black hair, ice blue eyes, 5' 5" (add 3" for the boots she wears), always seen in a sailor fuku
"Maximum Annoying Disturbance": this causes songs to be played constantly through the victim's head until they pass out from the frustration of lyrics being repeated over and over again.
"Reality Rip": this involves hovering in the air and "ripping" reality to change locations. It is like interdimensional traveling (portals, etc) but on a larger scale. When a Reality Rip is performed, all Otaku tend to get carried along as well. This is a power that is not used for frivolity! It is strictly for battle! The Reality Rip is one of the powers that all Otaku can perform, given that they are powerful enough to withstand the effects. Reality Rip is very powerful and Otaku are usually rather weak and disoriented after performing it, if not knocked unconscious altogether. It all depends on how powerful, trained, and experienced the Otaku is.
The Baseball Bat of DOOM (TM)-- think Hotohori's Diety Sword, but a baseball bat. Celly's main melee weapon. Often used to whack people with, but has a button on the handle to turn it into an obscenely long, wickedly sharp, Escudo sword. IT DOES NOT IN ANY WAY FLAME!!!
HammerSpace (TM)-- Celly has a very *large* HammerSpace at her disposal, in which she keeps all of her things. Being a packrat, she has *a lot* of stuff. This is a slight throwback because Celly may not always pull out what she wants... She also keeps her spare Bobs there.
Castle Anthrax (TM)--Celly's fortress located in HammerSpace. You can only reach the Castle if you are capable of inter-dimensional travel. Celly gets there by jumping into her HammerSpace.
The Otaku no Mori--Celly's bar in the capital of Konan country. Also has an inn attached. The trapdoor (no, I'm not revealing where the trapdoor is) leads to Castle Anthrax. Celly's private offices are in the upstairs area of the Mori. It is her homebase when she is away from Castle Anthrax (which is most of the time).
SuperOni Ki Blaster (TM)--a very modified bazooka that shoots out ki-charged projectiles in the shape of Tamahome's seishi symbol. Celly can only access it when she is *very* angry or emotional. It's Tamahome's Super Oni coolness, but in a weapon!!! A side effect is that Celly undergoes the same Super Oni effects as Tamahome. Her hair turns white and stands on its end as she becomes supercharged with power.
WEAKNESSES: Teenyboppers are particularly hated, as well as leather fukus. Celly is also frightened of clowns and large dogs. Can't pass up Pink Lemonade Snapple and bows down to the High Lord Chocolate. For the serious stuff, she can't stand being blamed for things that aren't her fault. She carries very heavy grudges for a *very* long time (poor, Dion-chan!). She is also prone to amnesia (Darienitis) and multiple personalities.
PERSONALITY QUIRKS: Celly is just your average superpowered girl. She tends not to take things seriously and treats things as a game. She suffers from Ryoga Syndrome and gets lost easily... even in conversations! But she also has Minako Bipolar Disorder which means she shifts personalities without notice. Celly also seems to be the Moderator for the Game. It is her job to keep the Bishounen Wars going. As Moderator, Celeste doesn't like to fight and is a rather nice person, but for some reason she is compelled to attack the other Otakus. Celly may be the only person in the Game that knows everything that's going on... but everyone thinks she's crazy and tries to stay away from her. The separation between Moderator and Otaku might be attributed to her Minako Bipolar Disorder. As of recently, Celly was able to get rid of her "dark side" (snicker) and the Moderator has agreed to not screw with Celly's mind. Celly wa Celly da yo.
ORIGIN: Appeared in the first post of BW! FY. She fell out of the sky amidst a raging storm. She's not too sure about her past (Darienitis) but feels an inexplicable need to find "Tamahome".
GOALS: Unknown... she's a loose cannon. However, as Endymion no Otaku, she's going to make sure her 'nii-chan wins in the end, no matter what.
NOTABLE ALLIES: There's Bob, her generic sidekick and major domo. He tends to the everday runnings of Castle Anthrax, working on Celly's "special projects."
Dionysus: her Guardian/Lover/Husband. Celly, as Moderator, is able to bring him into the Bishounen World with her last stretch of power to work on her behalf. However, a HUGE misunderstanding between them has left the two estranged.
Nyx: started out as her ally, but they are now considered friends. They are both relatively insane, but Celly is the more stable of the two.
Remy: Celly's friend and ally. Celly is very protective of her because she worries that Remy won't be able to protect herself (hey, do you want to see *your* friends get killed?)
Mercy: ally. Whether Celly trusts her beyond this is debatable.
NOTABLE ENEMIES: most of the other Otakus (and their Guardians) think she's nuts and try to steer clear of her.
Susanne, Hotohori no Otaku: they are very much enemies. Celly doesn't really care for Susanne, who she sees as weak and not worthy of the Otaku status. Her main opponent, and thus very dangerous.

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