Mercy and OrionASSUMED NAME: Mercy
REAL NAME: Michelle
ALIASES: Mickey, Michi-chan, Michi, Mish, Shell, and "the little, little, little freak"
STATUS: Active.
AUTHOR: Michelle (MichiNeko's Stairway To Anime)
OTAKU OF: Tasuki-sama
FACTION: The Almighty Tasukiens
AURA COLOR: Orange-reddish
PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: deep blue eyes, long blond hair with blue streaks, wears blue and silver nail polish, wears a gold ring with a blue stone (has a hidden power), blue rose earrings, prefers jeans and a white t-shirt, wears a watch (that has mutiple uses)
POWERS: one power is Aqua Illumination, a blast from her ring, the other powers come from her watch which haven't been mentioned yet
EQUIPMENT: a light saber(the color of the blade will remain a serect until used in the story), a knife, a laptop computer, and a guardian cat named Orion.
WEAKNESSES: Has a fear of boots with really high heels cuz I personally don't want my toes stepped on or my shins black and blue
PERSONALITY QUIRKS: Sometimes a bit forgetful and has a tendency to trip over one's own personal belongings
ORIGIN: Lives in Los Angeles where she goes to school. Her hometown is San Diego. She was down at Third Street Promenade and found an old copy of "The Universe of the Four Gods" from a second hand bookstore. Took the book home and begin to read. (Mercy understands japanese) A redish light suddenly appeared and Mercy was sucked into the book.
GOALS: To at least post something :)
NOTABLE ALLIES: Celly and Remy
NOTABLE ENEMIES: Nyx, Susanne, Anaera, Meredith, and Kristsi


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