ASSUMED NAME: Rapath-chan
REAL NAME: Meredith
ALIASES: Ames, She-Ra, Dith-ditz, Blondie
STATUS: Inactive.
AUTHOR: Amy (AmyLiz33's Page!)
OTAKU OF: Keisuke
PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Tall, leggy, blonde with pink anime highlights, big crystal blue eyes, freckles of course, fetish for "pink and green" and yellow clothing.
POWERS: cutting own paths; queen of ambiguity; bishounen-catching, blood-curdling scream; has a way of gathering cute guys around her
EQUIPMENT: Sword for path cutting... it's really cool, has a pink protective gemstone, magnetic smile.
WEAKNESSES: likes to spin too much, resulting in a constant dizzy state. Flavor of the week... causing swooning sessions.
PERSONALITY QUIRKS: Blonde... and really hyper! Flirts with most any boy around; tends to make people laugh whether they want to or not.
ORIGIN: Happy valley... Sees the story unfold in her dreams, then lands in it when she flies to London to visit her best friend.
GOALS: to one day find a bishounen who feels the same way about her, cut many paths so others can follow easier, and to one day do well in her studies
NOTABLE ALLIES: Susanne, Anaera, Mercy, Kristsi

Yuuki Keisuke

Bishounen Wars