REAL NAME: Victoria Ricci (The Labyrinth)
ALIASES: Vic, "psycho", trench coat girl
STATUS: Active.
OTAKU OF: Any worthy Bishounen... real or anime.
FACTION: Renegade
AURA COLOR: ice blue
THEME SONG: "Girls With Guns" by Tommy Shaw, "Bad Company" by Bad Co.
PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: height: 5'4"; weight: 120 lbs; hair: raven black, shoulder length with crimson streaks; eyes: yellow. Nyx dresses in slacker casual, never seen without her black trench coat -- ever.
POWERS: POWERS: Immortality. In every sense of the word, Nyx is a powerhouse. No one, not even Celly has seen the likes of her. Now that Victoria has accepted who she truly is there is no way to stop her. She knows no fear [perhaps due to the centuries of downing coffee]. There is no one she swears alligence to or will ever. With a sword or a gun she cannot be defeated. She is most dangerous of the Otaku because she has nothing to lose. Everything and everyone is replacable to her. Unlike most of the others, she has complete control of her powers and knows how to use them.
--MANOS: Flame shoots out from the palm of her hand
--ANIMALISM: the ability to shift into an animal; to be able to communicate with animals.
--NECROMANCY: contact with the netherworld and the ability to raise the dead
--GWYDION'S KNOT: channeling the power of the gods
--STORM: exactly what it sounds like
--TELEKENISIS: moving things with her mind.
-lap top
-black, silver, and red braid katanas
-throwning knives
-wasaki blades
-GUNS!GUNS! GUNS! such lovely GUNS!
-flame throwers
-The Mobius Continuum = a gateway into other worlds
-Malkivian =ok, so he's not techinacally an "equiptment" he's my dragon; he breathes black flames... think freeze dry... frozen Otaku on a stick
WEAKNESSES: COFFEE is her greatest weakness. She cannot fuction without having a cup of coffee. The only way she can acheive FINAL DEATH is if and when she is decapitated. The really, really bad part of being immortal is that she can "die" and feel everything, then ressurect one minute later, healed.
INVERNESS: An enchanted isle which may only be reched through the MBC. Rayne Castle sits amidst the lush forest of cedar, ebony and birch.
THE RIDE: A '64 black Mustang convertible. Black Harley.
PERSONALITY QUIRKS: Extreme mood swings; insomnia (she cat naps).
ORIGIN: Nyx is a 1200 year old Immortal. She walked off a cliff, and as a result, underwent her First Death. She was banished by her tribe and was taken in by Methos (the oldest known Immortal). He thus became her teacher. She was married to Milton Zameal, her unofficial guardian, who is now deseased.
GOALS: "There can be only one."
NOTABLE ALLIES: Allies? ::grin:: One hentai cat. One 5,000 year old immortal [Methos]
NOTABLE ENEMIES: Any unfortunate ama who stands in the direct path of my 357.

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