Remy and P-kunASSUMED NAME: Remy
REAL NAME: Remediya Toku
ALIASES: Ko-chan (but only P-kun calls her that), to everyone else, it's just "Remy".
STATUS: Active.
AUTHOR: Maech (Remy's Anime Niche)
OTAKU OF: All bishounen. But I do have a strong affinity for Hotohori-sama.
FACTION: Hothori no Otaku (for now. She's having snapple issues. o_O*)
PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: straight black hair, gray eyes, and petite (short). She will almost always be dressed in the standard college fashion (namely, jeans, T-shirt/sweatshirt, ect.)
POWERS: nothing physical (yet), but lately she's been mentally connected to her Guardian and she *sensed* Dionysus' strong feelings for Celly (I still don't know if I'm going to go anywhere with that... I might... not sure though. ^_^)
EQUIPMENT: HammerSpace™ (might add more later... not sure about this one either.)
WEAKNESSES: chocolate (hehehe), a pretty face, and pain (she doesn't like to fight).
PERSONALITY QUIRKS: She's had more exposure to other characters… but not enough to form any sort of concrete opinions about how she specifically interacts with them. She pretty much just goes with the flow of things and is extremely adaptable. Remy isn't very trusting, nor is she obsessively paranoid, but she does tend to assume that other characters won't feel threatened by her because of her lack of powers/weapons and, therefore, doesn't think that anyone would want to cause her harm. Remy was *shocked* when Nyx pulled that gun out on her. Despite the fact that she rarely exhibits emotion (with the exception being to P-kun), she is a strong believer in it. That is why she trusts Dionysus and why she followed him back to the Mori.
ORIGIN: her fictional mother's fictional womb. (Actually, the reality she remembers is a fake. She's just a character in a story. Her life is controlled by outside forces and she has accepted that. Her true origin isn't important now so I haven't given her one yet. But in the instance that this information becomes crucial, I'll write her one and update this character profile. ^_^)
GOALS: To understand and finish "the Game" so she can return to her fictional home to banter with her fictional friends, Brian and TJ, and to study for that damn, fictional (I wish…), organic chem. test!
NOTABLE ALLIES: Recently, Remy has decided to follow Dionysus back to the Mori. That does *not* mean that she trusts Celly or Nyx… or that she feels any kind of loyalty towards them… but, because of Dionysus, she is willing to work with them. She still has the bond between the other Hotohori no Otaku (because they share the same Bishounen) but she hasn't exactly met Susanne yet and she isn't certain if this bond is of a friendly nature. She trusts 2 people in Bishounen World: P-kun (because he's her Guardian) and Dionysus (because she believes he was sent by the Moderator and because she senses & trusts his love for Celly… his Ce-ko… not the blood-thirsty, power hungry, --insert other Hitler-like adjectives here-- Otaku she has been forced? to become).
NOTABLE ENEMIES: Remy has no personal vendettas against anyone, but by working with Celly and Nyx, she has probably, indirectly made Susanne and her crew her enemies. (Just a little side note: has anyone else noticed that the Otaku have separated into two distinct factions… Susanne's groupies and Celly's groupies. It's like WWI. "I have nothing against you, but I'm allies with this person… so I'm forced to declare war on you." Maybe we should call this [BW!FYI]… or… nevermind. o_O*) Also, Nyx isn't too fond of the fact that Dionysus came back to the Mori with guests. Even though Remy gave no indication of having allies other than P-kun, Nyx doesn't believe that Remy is harmless (despite Remy's lack of powers and weapons)… this is probably because of Mercy's deception a couple of posts ago. (Poor Mercy got her *ahem* whupped by Celly… not a pretty sight!)


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