The Rules of Bishounen Wars!

[Archivist's note: Sailor Sera, Our Esteemed Moderator, wrote these up as a kind of guide for the Writers, but we thought that it might help readers to kind of understand what's going on if you knew what rules we had to follow. Okay, enjoy!]

1) All Otaku *must* have a Bishounen. You don't have to say who it is right away, but you have to have one.

2) We choose our Bishounen. We control the horizontal (horizontal... huh...) and the vertical (vertical... huhuh). Let's face it, we're the Creators. We control the Otaku's reality.

3) Your Otaku is not Omnipotent. That's stupid and no fun at all. Have a weakness that we can exploit at our convenience.

4) One Author equals one Otaku. You are not allowed to have multiple main characters, only your Otaku and the Otaku's Guardian (if you have one).

5) NO KILLING MAIN CHARACTERS!!! Because, let's face it, we won't let our characters be killed. However, characters *can* be killed, but it must be with the Author's consent.

6) Don't take over a thread! Leave your posts open so that other people can jump in if they want.

7) Do *not* use anyone else's character unless you have their permission to do so.

8) No Hentai Please. Though a great majority of the Guardians are hentai (:::coughing::: Seth...), don't be graphic. Kissing and hugging is okay... possibly a passionate embrace. Anything beyond this, like groping and falling into a bed should be handled off-screen.
9) Curse if you feel like it... hell, curse as much as you want to! We don't care! Just don't have every other word an obscenity. Unless you're Tasuki, then it's debatable. "!@#$%^&*" goes a very long way.

10) Please, try to be coherent and articulate. Description is nice. Don't say: "She kicked their butts." Say instead: "The battle was a short one. Her skills were vastly superior to her opponents', and a few swift strokes of the blade finished them. They begged for mercy, but she paid no heed. She towered over them, her aura sparking in all its glory. Her maniacal laughter rang through the--" Oh... was I still writing? ^_^;;

11) Don't plan too far ahead. I know that it's my personal mission to tick off everyone on this list by screwing with plots and adding plot twists. (Ne, Susanne?)
[Archivist's note: &^%@#$%&^(*&^!!!!!]

12) Absolutely all action takes place in Bishounen World! Once you're in, you're in, and there's no way out.

13) This one may be a no-brainer, but I didn't want to leave this off at 13 rules (call me superstiscious), please, give your character a human personality. Give them strengths, weaknesses, etc. Make them as real as possible because it adds to the story. We want to know exactly what makes your character tick.

14) Above all, have fun!

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