REAL NAME: Rhiannon
ALIASES: What, like I've got MPD here?? She's Susanne -- though she may be called "Sue," "Suze," or even "Suzie."
STATUS: Active.
AUTHOR: Katy (Forest Green)
OTAKU OF: Any worthy Bishounen... real or anime.
FACTION: Browne no Otaku
AURA COLOR: Brown(e)
THEME SONG: "The Barricades Of Heaven" by Jackson Browne, "Rhiannon" by Fleetwood Mac
PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Looks just like the author, oddly enough... 5'4", [sensored] lbs, long brown hair, prefers wearing jeans, tshirts, tennis shoes unless there's a darn good reason to wear something else.
POWERS: Basically, she's Celly's equal, or close to it... like, if Celly's Darth Vader, Susanne's Luke... but without the bloodline. She's had those ki-blasts for some time but is reluctant to use them because of her lack of control on them. Seems to have a bit of a healing power, but it comes at a price -- if she heals a person's injury, she acquires that injury herself. Also, she can sort of copy other powers... when Susanne did that Reality Rip, she more or less copied what Celly did. (This does *not* mean I'm going to have her taking everyone else's powers, though, btw!) And then there's that laptop computer. There are no real powers per se associated with this laptop, but Susanne's a computer nerd -- most of the programs on that thing are of her own design. Including one particular program which she created some time ago which involves time travel (what, no one ever wondered why she knew George Harrison?). Who knows what else she can do with it?
EQUIPMENT: A HammerSpace can hide a whole heck of a lot of junk... she carries around her guitar and laptop, and whatever else Roger packed in there. This includes a tennis raquet, her walkman and tapes, spare batteries, her favorite books to read, and, of course, Susanne's Glaive.
WEAKNESSES: An English accent will get her every time... Susanne is tremendously loyal to her friends and very trusting of them. She would never think them capable of hurting her. She does not seem to like small spaces.
PERSONALITY QUIRKS: Since becomming an Otaku, Susanne has slowly forgotten her past (seems to be normal for Otaku) and now can remember only her life as Hotohori no Otaku. Celly may have Ryoga Syndrome, but Susanne has a killer sense of direction... it's almost impossible for her to get lost. Ready for another fun quirk? Susanne is a Highlander-style immortal. So she and Nyx have a little double-buzz thing going when they run into each other...
ORIGIN: On a study abroad program in England for the year, ran into Andy (literally) while out shopping, then ran into Celly...
GOALS: To be a rock, and not to roll... and, of course, she is out to win the Game (duh).
NOTABLE ALLIES: First and foremost is her Guardian, Roger (think Fitzcairn). He is very protective of her, both in this life and the occasional past life. Meredith was Susanne's best friend before the Game began, and though Susanne has no memory of that time, the sense of friendship and loyalty remains extremely strong. Since that little Mercy incident, Rog and Mere are the only two that Susanne really completely trusts beyond a shadow of a doubt. Her first "in-Game" friend was Anaera, though that was more or less a truce of convenience. However, Susanne is now allied with Nyx. How far she trusts the trenchcoat girl is debatable, but they both seem to have an ending goal of taking Celly out. As for Kristsi, Susanne was not there when she first met up with Meredith and the others, and hasn't spent much time at all with her, but she's like the kawaii little sister, and Susanne will look out for her unless given a solid reason to do otherwise.
NOTABLE ENEMIES: Celly seems to be her main enemy. It's their goal to piss each other off, if not completely take the other out. Mercy is also on her shit list and will most likely remain so for some time. Remy is an enemy by proxy, since she stubbornly clings to Celly.

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