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Mokona Web Ring!

Welcome to Mokona Webring Homepage. In here, you can join this fun ring, and make your homepage popular. But.. there are few guide lines....

***Guide Lines***

1. You must have a anime related site.(ONLY ANIME PLEASE)
2. No adult.. animes.(Such as Hentai.. etc.)
3. You must have some of anime content. (Not a site with only anime Links)
4. You must include ALL of the HTML code for our ring. (please do not mess around with em')
5. Please put your HTML code right away.. SO when I check the homepage, it will have the code.
6. You don't have to do this.. but it will be nice if you do it. Please put our logo at least near 3rd ring... (When you have line of rings, put the code on at least 3rd.. but you don't have to do it. Just it's a favor for me.)
7. That's it! Go and join.

***How to join***

1. Fill out the Form, first.
2. Then, put this HTML fragment on your page.
3. For last, please e-mail me about you joining the ring. Then I will be glad to add you!

That's it! GO and Do it now!!!

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