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Chibi Rei's Web page!!!

I'm Chibi Rei. I don't have much up yet, but I hope to in the future!

I'm a bit inept at computers, so if you want to mail me and teach me how to program some HTML, I'd really like that. Especially embedding midis and stuff. I can also be reached on AOL instant Messanger: ReiAyachib

That'd be really nice, since I don't know much yet.

Crayon drawings- I have fun as the toddler incarnation of my favorite anime character (under construction)

Midi Jukebox-hosted by a freind, these are some of my favorite midis, and they're pretty good, too! take a listen to this PHP powered midi jukebox!

stories I wrote- I'm just so proud of me!

my (heh heh) "shrine" to Asuka- that b!^@# gets her comeuppance!!!

downloads- download mp3s and games I uploaded

Links- a links page! Duh! =P

tell your freinds about me! I'd really like some traffic!
Please tell your freinds!
get this gear!

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naughty image archive - shhh!