An ominous vapor masks your surroundings from your eyes, feeling thick, and heavy in your lungs and moist against your skin. What little is visible of the alien environment seems a dusky violet hue.
"Trespasser!" hisses a voice from within the mists. "Only the worthy may pass through the Gate of Time..."
Suddenly, a menacing shadow seemingly materializes before you, a large, blunt shape reaching upwards from its main mass, perhaps the impression of some ghostly weapon.
"You are not worthy!" The owner of the shadow steps forward and is now visible, appearing as a tall, raven-haired young woman clothed in a deep violet fuku and sporting a key-shaped garnet staff. Her eyes narrow for a moment as she leans forward to consider you, then widen.
"Forgive me, Ki-sama," she says apologetically. "I did not recognize you in all the mist. I am Sailor Pluto, the guardian of the Gate of Time. How may I assist you?"

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