Goki Sama Fan Sub Distributior


Hello people! Again! Sorry for not keeping up the page but I have been doing some work in order to get you the new titles!

I have decided to keep summary everything in one page, its faster and it saves a bundle of work.

The rules, I have changed a little bit, there's no need to email me in order to be approved for titles, only e-mail in order to get the address where to send the payment.but in case you want your order to be processed faster I recommend it. The minimum its two tapes and the maximum its 10 tapes per order. I have also decided that I'm not interested in trading right now, please no more email about trading!!

So after deciding what would you want to have, please do the following: E-mail me afterwards you'll get my address. Write me a letter listing what you want, get a postal money order(no personal checks) for exact amount of titles, include a self address label(optional but appreciate it) . Turnaround 2 days. *Internationals orders are accepted*

The cost of the tapes and priority mailing are the following:
2 tapes $15.00
3 tapes $18.00
4 tapes $20.00
5 tapes $23.00
6 tapes $26.00
 7 tapes  $28.00
 8 tapes $31.00
 9 tapes $34.00
10 tapes $37.00

*The maximun number of tapes changes to 10 and minimun 2*

The old titles:

The new titles are: As on: 4/30/99

Please e-mail me for any suggestions. ideas, or thoughts!!