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for good not evil
Dress for Good
Sick of being adspace for corporate logos? This collection of homemade silk screened shirts let you spread your activist messages that are simply not Evil.

Good vs Evil
Should you have any questions about the site, the shirts, and the system.

Misc. Goodness
Little pix to link us with. Maybe.

Fine. Okay. I'm sorry. Can I say I was ill? Can I say I'm making a movie? Tell me what I can say that will make it up to you.... It's been a fun month, did a little volunteerism for the Alberta Social Forum here, listened to a little speaker at the Anarchist Book Fair there.... But now I'm back to work, fighting the fight. Okay, take care...

Oh, rebirth! The sweet smell of fall and of progress. Now two months later, Katy's shirts have arrived. Your options are much prettier -- though supplies and sizes are irratic and therefore limited!

Okay, some big changes, but not many big updates. First, the operation has moved from the livingroom/bedroom to the bathroom. The method has also become more sophisticated and thereby the quality of product improved. Additionally, we await some nice shirts from our good friend Katy Cartee, of fame. Horray!

Civilian casualties update Civilian casualties update