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Daine and Kourins Totally Best Nuriko and Tasuki Shrine

Last Updated: 6/10/02

Welcome to our absolutely totally cool(and best) Nuriko and Tasuki shrine. As well as a few other characters from Fushigi Yuugi! It's about time this website had an update. Sorry it took us so long! This time we just added a few more comments from you guys under the miaka hate list. I think that's about it. It's not much, but it's still an UPDATE!!!

On this site We're going to have everything about our characters!(Tasuki and Nuriko, na no da!) We'll have biographies, pictures, fanfics, quizzes, as well as many more cool things as they enter our minds.

Please sign our guestbook below if you share our enthusiasm or enjoy our site! (and if you don't sign it then we will hunt you down so that Tasuki can fry you and Nuriko can pound you into the wall!)

Just to tell you that we are only characters from a book, so obviously we don't own the characters, and Yuu Watase is the one that created all of us.

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This is the coolest website, it has a lot of Chinese version manga at very good prices. For example, you can get one volume of the Fushigi Yuugi manga for $4.80, so what i'm saying is if you can read Chinese, it's a good place to visit.

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