(Nuriko speaks in pink.)
        Hello, and welcome to the Nuriko Shrine!
        *giggle* A shrine to me! I feel so special! ^^
        Don't you just? Here's some information on the purple-haired gay guy!
        *grumble* I'm not gay...

        Real name: Chou Ryuuen
        Birthplace: Eiyou, capital of Konan
        Family: Parents, brother: Rokou, sister: Kourin (deceased)
        Height: 166cm (5'5")
        Blood type: B
        Age: 18 years old
        Abilities: Superhuman strength, amorous glances
        Interests: Dressing as a woman, fashion, swooning over Hotohori
        Personality: Nuriko is a boy, but his physique, his manner of behaving and personality are those of a woman. More than that, he's in love with Hotohori. He's not gay, particularly, and instead of saying this, he simply says he gave up manhood and became a woman. However, the real reason is the one he keeps hidden almost until the day he dies... He can be jealous and is of an unquiet nature. He's the one most concerned about Miaka and Tamahome. In fact, Nuriko's a bit like a sister to Miaka. But he has also some very masculine sides.

        Nani?! Nuriko, you're only an inch taller than me!!
        That doesn't mean a thing!
        It does when we're tryin' to teach you to be a man!
        Yeah, but you still haven't learned how to be a woman, so what's the difference?
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        Yeah yeah yeah... thanks for coming!