Hi. This is Ike's page. Who's Ike? He's that guy up there. Yeah, you're thinking, "What? A page to that picture? This page is lame..." Yea, well, I didn't make you come here. If you're going to have that attitude, you better leave! Ike doesn't like negative energy invading his home. He likes calm, soothing voices, so play nice! Look around, go to the links, whatever floats your boat. Just be nice to Ike or well, bad things will happen.

People Ike Doesn't Like

WCW's home page
Ike doesn't like the WCW or Bishop
the gap's home page
BAD BAD overpriced clothing. (Evidently Ike doesn't like the Gap)
The URL is self-explanitory

People Ike Likes

My Homepage :)
WWF's homepage
Ike likes wrestling, especially the Rock!
Pandora's Box (It was really a jar people)

Ike's Home Has been broken into times.

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