Aoshima talking to Keichii

Aoshima (probably his last name, in the anime its all he's called) is a
minor character in the Ah! My Goddess anime. He appears once that I know
of in episode 3. He's a little taller than Keichii and has straight, short
black hair and dark eyes. He dresses in somewhat formal attire, and he
wears glasses. Isn't that cool? He's very self confident from what I've seen,
which does not include the manga. Oh...I..uhh..forgot something..he's kinda
the villian. His goal is to get Belldandy to go out with him instead of Keichii why is that so bad? Keichii is a loser who looks like he doesn't own
a comb, he's short, he's a wimp, and HE CALLED SKULD A KID!! What
else do you need?

uhh...heehee...ok....sorry about that there. From what I know Aoshima and
Keichii are members of different motorcycle racing clubs or something like
that. Aoshima made a deal with the leaders of the club Keichii belongs to
that if they lost a certain race Belldandy would have to join his club. Of
course...that didn't really work out, for one thing he didn't tell Belldandy
and Keichii until the day of the race, and for another...Skuld blew up the
engine of the bike for his team. Of course she'd fixed it up to be better first
but I think they would have won without any help.

Now, I will say that he's not the best villian I've ever seen. I personally
think girls do a better job of being evil, but when they are they usually ruin
it by choosing not to wear much for clothes. From what we see, Aoshima does
very little evil plotting, he doesn't have a very interesting goal, and he just
doesn't have a good evil laugh.

He does lose rather gracefully though, and he keeps his cool well. For example,
when he went to visit Belldandy he brought her flowers and Keichii started yelling
at him, but when Aoshima lost the race he did not say much and just left by himself.
Again, I have never seen the manga so I am not sure how accurate everything I say is.

Aoshima facing to the side

Now, on to the next anticipated question, why am I making a page for this guy?

Reason 1: I've always thought the villians were cool, even on disney movies like
Lion King, Aladdin, and The Little Mermaid (not beauty and the beast though..Gaston
was a loser.) They all had cool villians. And all the cool villians had cool songs.
Actually the villain's songs are the only good ones in most disney films. Villians
are terribly underrated, I mean..without evil where would the plot be? What would
happen? You'd have an extremely boring movie that's what...I mean...without Scar,
simba would just have grown up married nala and we wouldn't get to see him knocked
over the head by a monkey with a stick! reason!

Reason 2: Not enough pages for cool male anime characters, not to mention the evil

Reason 3: Because I can.

Good enough?
Well, it has to be.

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Isn't he so cute with his little glasses and his nice black hair?
And his cute little eyes...and well...oh nevermind.

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