My Art

Game will not be done any time soon, but here is more art.

ChibiBryontmb.JPG (32966 bytes)

Its Chibi-me, drew this while bored off my ass at work

ChibiOfficerstmb.JPG (57232 bytes)

Its the old officers of Pitts anime club in Chibi form, its not done yet, I put it up because one of them kept bitchin to me about it not being up

MoveBS.gif (37247 bytes)

Movement animation from a game my friend and I are currently developing

Darius.jpg(15809 bytes)

This is my first real attempt at coloring my drawing on the computer. Sword is cut off, Ive been meaning to fix it.


Well Thats It for Now.. I'll Post More When I Have More Time


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