1. I never use HTML before ,I don't know where to put it.
     -  You can put any HTML to your page by use INTERNET EXPLORER
        Click File and choose Open ,Browse your file and OK
        Click View and choose source , you can put HTML there.
        Don't forget to replace these :
        logo _of _ your_choice ,
        Your name here ,
        Your email ,
        Site_ID_here   ( your Site ID can be found in 'GRAPE!!! Submission' email ) 

2. If I change my URL ,Should I email to Ringmaster ?
    - You don't have to email to Ringmaster .Just go to  MEMBER AREA and change your URL. 

3. Forget your site ID
    - Email and tell your site address to Ringmaster
        to : 

4. Forget your password
    - Email to Ringmaster and
        important : You must email by use the same email as you used to submitted    

5. Can I use Netscape Navigator 2.0 or above ?
    - Of course, you can ! just go on these steps.....
       link picture to :
       link GRAPE!!! to :
       link your name to : mailto:_your_email_
       link JOIN ? to :
       link Previous to :;id=_your_site_ID_;prev
       link Previous 5 to :;id=_your_site_ID_;prev5
       link Skip Previous to :;id=_your_site_ID_;sprev
       link Next to :;id=_your_site_ID_;next
       link Next 5 to :;id=_your_site_ID_;next5
       link Skip Next to :;id=_your_site_ID_;skip
       link Random to :;random
       link List Sites to:;list
         Don't forget to replace your name , your site ID , your email

Have another Question ? Email to : 
GRAPE!!! FAQ written by : Serina & Serah 

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