Wow.. it has been a LONG time (try _years_) since I have updated this page. I'm not putting any new art up (at least for now), but just to clarify that "Old" and "New" sections should be viewed as "Old" and "Older" respectively ^_^. Yes, I am still drawing, though nowadays its for college and a shot at the animation college at my university. Anyways, the art is still nice to look at, and any feedback is appreciated!

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Old Art

This is formerly the "New Art" section, but seeing as I drew these several years back, they aren't so new anymore! I still like to look at them, since they were fun to draw. All are freehand (any other way is cheating!).

Now, on with the drawings! Feedback is always nice to hear ^_^

Page 1: 5 drawings Page 2: 2 drawings Page 3: 2 color drawings

Page 4: 5 drawings Page 5: 6 drawings Page 6: 2 drawings

Page 7: 1 drawing Page 8: 2 drawings Page 9: 2 drawings, 1 colored

Even Older Art

Wow.. if the previous drawings are already several years old.. these are.. well, more years old! Maybe close to 4 or 5 or so years. I have improved much since, of course. These where from when I first started to draw anime characters, back in the day when all I knew were Sailor Moon and Ranma ½ (and a few other anime/manga).


Inu-Yasha Lina Inverse Kino Makoto

Ayanami Rei Tsukino Usagi Sailorjupiter

Saotome Ranma Shampoo

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