Welcome to the Celestial Gateway. I am Sailorcelestial, Guardian of Dimensions. It is my duty over all that is seen... to guard over every realm, and it's seperate uniqueness. Here, in the Gateway, you will be able to see many things... From fanart to fanfiction, all based on the anime and manga Bishojo Senshi Sailormoon. Enjoy all that you see...

Now that that is done... My name is Tsukino Koneko, also known as Usa, Sora, and far too many others. BSSM Celestial is a fanfic based upon the anime/manga series BSSM. It all begins after the end of the last season, BSSM Sailorstars, with BSSM Sailorstars Celestial. I began this all along time ago... And I first got the story up on the web in August, 1998. However, I wasn't satisfied with what I had... So I decided to take what I had down in the first, and revise the story, as well as reformat the page. I'm happy with what I have now... And I hope that all of my readers will be as well. Gomen, minna, for all the trouble I'm sure I've put you through... I hope the new look and story will make it all worth it. Now, on to the story!

Where to go in the Gateway:
"Bishojo Senshi Sailormoon Celestial:The Fanfic page, for BSSM Celestial
"The Japanese of Bishojo Senshi Sailormoon Celestial:" (Here's a useful page... one with all the Japanese that's uses in BSSM Celestial)
"My Nexus:" (Other pages of mine.)

Well, what do you think? I do want to hear! It makes this all worth while... So, email me. Thank you all!