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Ah! My Goddess! Or known in the U.S. as Oh! My Goddess! Is an Anime that contains no violence (maybe a little, when Urd and Skuld are involved...) nor sex. It is simply a romatic love drama/comedy that draws the Anime fans. Goddess of Present--Belldandy is one of the main characters created by Kyousuke Fujishima and I thank him for doing such a great job in his artwork and character design. Although I prefer his later works rather than the earlier ones. What I mean by that is that I very much prefer his artwork style in the OAV series as oppose to the first 1-7 volumes in the manga series. Not just the artwork differ, but the personality of Belldandy varies as well. Early in the manga, she's not as perfect as she is now, even if she seems at times to be a little naive and overly innocent. But she is my favorite Anime character non the less, although I can't say "she is only human" (she isn't, she is a GODDESS!), I CAN say "nobody is perfect". Thus I dedicate my free time into creating this image shrine. I just love looking at her and wish.....

More Words:
Somehow, many many people who has watched the OAV has come to the conclusion that the fate of bring Belldany to Keiichi was due to a simple act of dialing the wrong number while ordering takeout... I would very much like to say that PEOPLE ARE WRONG!!! Um, hello, does anyone pay attention to the Anime at all? Does anyone notice when does Belldandy shows up and what she was doing? BEFORE Keiichi dials for takeout, Belldandy was casting a spell; ever notice what image it was encased in the globe of light in her hands?? Look very very closely and carefully...It is the image of the temple they will be live in. I personally think it is safe to conclude that Belldandy was getting permission to live there, and so that implies she THEN contacts Keiichi in order to grant him a wish. But how does she know that they will have to live in that old temple? Prediction? Hmm......
Another thing, Keiichi at one point asked if everone can have a wish granted by a Goddess. To that Belldandy clearly stated "only the person with certain qualifications". If Keiichi reached Belldandy by JUST dialing the wrong number, by GOD I will be up all night doing it...or days...or weeks...or months... Also, in one of the manga chapters, when all three lovely Goddess were having some, ahem, let's say, difficulties, Keiichi in a panic DID dialed and reached Goddess Helper's office. Then Urd found out he did that and SHE commented on the fact Keiichi is the only person she knew who has succeeded in dialing and reaching G.H.O. in xxxx years......'Nuf said.


Age: 21 (According to Fujishima in the 1993 New Type interview)
Height: 165 cm
Measurements: 83-57-84 (In cm)
Hair Color: Light Golden Brown
Eye Color: Light Blue
Class: First Class, Second Catagory, Unlimited Licence
Domain: Present
Means of Travel: Mirrors
Alternate Energy Source: Sleep
Favorite Things: Darjeeling tea and the "Prince Of Wales" brand of chocolate
Angel: Holy Bell
Japanese Voice Actress: Innoue Kikuko
English Voice Actress: Juliet Cesairo

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