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Doesn't Chichiri make the cutest girl?!  Well I'm here to welcome you to Fushigi Yuugi:Manga Style!  This is my second webpage, my other being The Fushigi Yuugi Links Lot....which some of you may have seen already.  This being my second attempt at a webpage, I thought I'd do something with the manga, since I love the manga pics sooo much.  Soo this page will only have manga pics, color and black and white.  No FY anime pics will be here! Isn't that cool?!  Now your choices for this webpage is very simple, you can check out a variety of things, just have yourself a looksie around!  By the way, as you can see this page is still under construction.  True the page has been uploaded but a few of the linked pages are uncomplete those would the be the Seven Seishi of Suzaku and the About me page.  Those are not finished and neither are the unlinked pages.   Gimme time! ^-^

Suzaku No Miko

Seven Seishi of Suzaku

Tamahome Shrine

Seiryuu No Miko

Seven Seishi of Seiryuu

Amiboshi Shrine

About Me, Jess!


Link to FY:MS!

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