Welcome to yet another tribute to
Takeuchi Naoko's
Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon
(Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon)   
The Super Sailor Senshi from left to right.
Sailor Neptune, Sailor Uranus, Sailor Pluto, Sailor Jupiter, Sailor Venus,
Eternal Sailor Moon, Sailor Mercury,
Sailor Saturn, Sailor Chibimoon, Sailor Mars

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    Sailor Moon started as a manga (Japanese comic) by Takeuchi Naoko. It soon became one of the greatest children's' anime in Japan. It was so great, they decided to dub it in English and try it North America. The ratings went sky high not only in North America, but all around the world. In the US, it was canceled, not because no one liked it, but because it got a really crappy time slot. 5 am, I think. In most places in Canada, it can be seen before and after school and afternoons on Saturdays. Something else that makes this cartoon a little different from the rest, 99% of viewers are 16+, both female and male. Not the 6-10 age group it was originally aimed for. Why? Maybe because its about teenagers and their abnormal lives. Maybe because it's more, how can we say... dramatic then our average North American cartoons. It's not as censored as the average kiddy cartoon (although the original Japanese version is even more  uncensored, and the manga is even worse then that, censor wise that is).
Manga picture of  Tsukino Usagi and Chiba Mamoru
    Tsukino Usagi is a clumsy fourteen year old girl (she is now 16 in Sailor stars). One day walking home from school, she saves a stray cat from terrorizing kids. To Uasgichan's astonishment,  the cat speaks to her and tells her that she is Sailor Moon, fighter for love and justice. Of course, Usagichan thinks this is all part of a hallucination from too much school work. As time goes by, Usagichan is finally convinced that she is Sailor Moon, but she tries to convince Luna (the stray cat) that someone else should have the job, not her, a clumsy, cry baby and who gets 30% on her tests. Later that week, she meets Mizuno Ami, a new student at her school who reportedly has a 300 IQ. Amichan turns out to be Sailor Mercury, an ally of Sailor Moon in fighting for justice. There is also Hino Rei, a beautiful but bossy shrine maiden, who is Sailor Mars. Kino Makoto is a transfer student to Usagi's school because she was expelled for fighting, Sailor Jupiter. And Aino Minako, the daughter of  the infamous Sailor V video game designer, Sailor Venus.

     Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune made their  first appearance in SailormoonS.  Sailor Pluto (Meiou Setsuna) made her debut at the end of SailormoonR  as the Guardian of  Time and the Lady in the Luna Ball of  Chibiusachan. At first, the senshi did not know that Ten'ou Haruka and Kaiou Michiru even existed. The scouts even thought that Haruka was a boy because of the way she dressed and talked. And Tomoe Hotaru, the mysterious little girl that Chibiusachan befriends, finally figures out that she is Sailor Saturn.

    There is also Chiba Mamoru, a mysterious guy that Usagichan keeps bumping into. Later she finds out that he is Tuxedo Kamensama, the masked man that keeps helping the scouts and who Usagichan has fallen hopelessly in love with. She also finds out that she is a princess of  the ancient Moon Kingdom, SelenityMamorukun finds that he was once the prince of  Earth, Endymion, and that he and Selenity had fallen in love before the evil of the Dark Kingdom trashed the Moon Kingdom.

Manga picture of Endymion and Selenity

    So know you know a little more about Sailor Moon. That isn't a bad thing. So many misinformed people think  that Sailor Moon is just another lame cartoon. That must be why my mom got a little teary eyed when Nephlite dyed in Molly's arms. If you like the North American version, you will definitely like the original Japanese version. If you don't like the NA version, you would still like the Japanese version, just because its more mature, they actually get hurt, and Makochan does like to swear a bit. (I don't mean F* or anything, but "damn you" does show up a lot :-)

    Some tips on the names:
1) In the Japanese culture, the last name comes first
2) You might notice that chan, kun, san, and sama follow the first names. Chan comes after a name for affection. Kun comes after a boy's name and san is used after a girl's. Although san is used after both sexes every now and then. Sama comes after someone who's position requires a lot of respect.
3) All of  the Japanese words are in Italics
4) Makoto is also called Makochan, Usagichan is also called Usa by Mamorukun, Mamoru is called Mamochan by Usagichan. Chiba Usagi is called Chibiusachan.
    Isn't that nice?

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