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Hi, and welcome to my page. I'm BunnyGal, aka Miss Luvly and Sherry. Hope you'll enjoy your visit here, and I hope you'll come back next to see whats new here. As you guyz know, this is my first time making a real page. I'm using there program that helps me to learn HTML, cuz they are sure confusing! ^_^

Anywayz, this page is mainly about all different types of anime/manga. If you people have any suggestion that I could make this page better, please feel free to email me. I am planning to make my own award, and I hope you guyz will join them and try to win them.

Letz check out some of these links I have on my page, I bet you'll enjoy all these pages. I think they're great, and that the owner of the page really did a great job. So if you pplz want me to link you to my page, I would be happy to do so. I will put up more links and things, but with school, I can't really do mcuh, but I'll try to spare some times..^_^


StarsGal's Dreamland ( my sistah's page) Note: check out those drawings of hers, she's really good! Plus the four Celestial Guardians drawing too!

The Celestial Authors' Sailormoon Fanfictional Site ( the four Celestial Authors' page {I'm one of them!} which contains great interesting fanfic to read!)

The Alpha Trilogy ( my friend's page! check it out, itz pretty neat)

Search Engines

Anime Pitstop (a great search engine for animes!)

Anipike ( another great search engine for animes!)


Ok, since I listed all the great links up above, maybe your page could be up there too! ^_^ So, heres some of my links that you can go and visit! Come on, lets go!

Please come and visit!

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