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Hello, I'm Christian B. and this is my -not so new- home page. I´m trying to make a cool anime page, but I haven´t got any pictures.

Please help me.

You can do that simply sending a nice anime or manga graphic you have to my email!

My main idea is to recopilate the graphics I receive, and send another picture back.

Besides, you can download a few MP3´s songs. At this moment I have some from Runouni Kenshin, Saint Seiya and Dragon Ball Z. Here are some cool utilities too, like a MP3 player or a Web Browser. I can only put one song of Runouni Kenshin on the server, so leave me message if you want other three I have. Here is also a cool mind game that is awesome; try it, its really short.

You have the links at your left.

Feel free to sign my Guestbook :)

Thanks for your time.


You can contact me at this direction
Santiago de Cali


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