An Anime Pbem of Love, Tragedy, and Courage in the name of Science...


Through a combination of special program observations, medical data intrusions, and false pretenses, seven youths gifted with unexplainable but clearly powerful gifts were lifted from their familiar worlds and into the hands of a UN funded scientific enclave. Deprived of their identity, their familiarity, and possibly their future, they must learn to keep their minds alive in an abusive and cold world, realizing in time that all they have left is each other....

Hi, and welcome to my Pbem brainchild, Complex Thoughts!

It is, quite simply, an interactive story about 7 youths in the grip of a sterile, paranoid and incomprehensible system, cut off from all outside contact aside from dutiful nurses and scientists.

If you're not familiar with Pbem's, well, I can't explain it too well, but go to (in the links below) and they'll lay out the whole concept in understandable means.

As for this game in particular, I'd like to say it's a "science fiction soap opera". All the elements of young love, undying bonds, and deep emotional trials amidst a backdrop of odd chemicals, laboritories, unethical doctors and other such. It's very different from most other RPG's in general, since the emphasis is on developing and making a deep storyline with characters that you can't keep outof your brain, very much like a good novel or, well, soap opera! Winning, losing, and power aquiring are alien concepts here....


Spring has sprung, and hopefully, I'll get off my sorry rear and update this place! ^_^ Seriously, folks, the game experienced some problems due to some mental illness on my end of the stick. I've been on and off while fighting depression and suicide, NOT a good mix in anyone's book. But the game, as well as it's upcoming sister game, is getting back on track. Wait'll they get a load of it, heh heh....

Places to go, things to do....

The Chosen Youths
The Other Personnel
Project Orpheus
Info on the facilities and setting of Complex Thoughts
THE place for Play by Email game openings, information, and advertising! We couldn'ta done it without ya, guys! ;-)
Running your Anime character, by Rei-Chan
Some useful information on running an Anime style RPG character
The Anime Web Turnpike
Image Galleries, games, Multimedia, if it's anime related, this page will lead you to it!
Sono Hi Omoide ("I Remember those Days")
A PBem run by a player and advisor of mine, done in the style of "Shojou" Manga.
Theory Behind Complex Thoughts
Or, an answer to the question of "What twisted mind thought THIS up?!"
The Story Thus Far.....
Sex and the Single Bishonen
A piece by Rei Chan about the wierd science of Anime Love... 


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