Dawn's Kawaii Blue Seed Images and Stuff

Dawn's Kawaii Blue Seed Images and Stuff

Because she is a member of the Kushinada Clan and thus has the power to block Aragami, a girl named Momiji Fujimiya is destined to save Japan from destruction by becoming a human sacrifice. Mamoru Kusanagi, in turn, was controlled by the Aragami via the imposition of a soul, "Mitama." His mission was to ensure that Kaede, who was Momiji's twin sister and possessor of the same unique power, was not turned over to the humans. The Aragami wants to capture Momiji and cut off the power of the Kushinada Clan. Mamoru Kusanagi is now trying to protect Momiji instead of Kaede. There is also the special Land Control Center, part of the Prime Minister's Office Special Committee on Territorial Security.

The struggle takes place in Tokyo.

I used to have all the images lumped on one page. I received several e-mails telling me how long it took to load the page. Well, no more! I'm going to separate the images into different pages by theme/character/whatever. Thanks to everyone that's given me feedback or visited in the few years my page has been up!

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Page 1 - Main Characters
Page 2 - Momiji - Part I
Page 3 - Momiji - Part II
Page 4 - Momiji - Part III
Page 5 - Kusanagi
Page 6 - Momiji and Kusanagi
Page 7 - Group Images - Part I
Page 8 - Group Images - Part II
Page 9 - Group Images - Part III
Page 10 - Other Images

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