Universal Destiny is a story of 10 young warriors, and their struggle to escape the controlling government of their planet, and race. It begins off as three of the ten begin their trip to Earth, in order to learn about life and why there is life, etc. There are many plot twists, funny comedy, a bit of a love, and amazing fighting. These ten young warriors are accompinaied by the amazing Sailor Senshi and the reknown fighters of Dragon Ball Z. All this and more explain just a bit of the story behind these incredible and god-like youngsters.


ChapterTitlePersonal Rating (of 5)
Chapter 1The Past of The Universe
Chapter 2The Gas Game
Chapter 3The Meeting
Chapter 4An Unexpected Opponent
Chapter 5A Little Reunion
Chapter 6Food & Fight
Chapter 7To The Rescue
Chapter 8Friends, Foes, AND, What The Fuck?


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