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Hi and welcome to my site dedicated to Giant Robo, the animation. After watching this series, I became saddened that there were so few pages on Giant Robo on the web. So, I decided to try making one of my own.

Please note that this website was written around 1999 when Giant Robo was only available on VHS from Manga.com. It is also based on Manga's English version, because that is what I own (I understand that this version embellished a lot of the original Japanese dialogue). I understand that Giant Robo is now available in the U.S. on DVD through Media Blasters--I do not know myself whether they used Manga's English version for the DVDs or recorded a new one. But regardless of which version of Giant Robo you watch, I hope that this site is informative and fun for you.

Murasame Kenji, Expert of Justice, Paris branch.  He's da MAN!

The immortal Kenji Murasame has come back to life times.

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