Kender`s list o`links

Anime Web Turnpike.
Just go,see and behold.
Anime Archive.
A great archive for anime fans.
Amber Anime Archive
A hell of a good archive.
Lodoss War Image Archive
A great archive of the anime series .
Animanga Pictures Archives
Another great place for images.
For all your anime needs.
Big fire anime archive.
Night Warriors
Night Warriors:Darkstalkers Page.
Skuld`s Shrine
An archive to the goddes Skuld.
Give me some time to put up more links.

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the background midi

From Titanic.
The best song of the movie ,for you.

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Hi and thanks for droping by my humble page on the net. I have`t have much time for an actual updatedo to school, work and now x-mas!so you can imagine all the work i have to do.But for now i leave you with the current update until i can make the big one for the new year. So merry x-mas and a happy new year (bye the way love ya cris)

Last updated DEC 22,1997

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1 December 1997

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