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This is what it's about....

Yusuke Urameshi gets into traffic when he tried to save a child, and he was been turned into a ghost. But he was able to regain the form of human by overcoming a series of devine tests given by enma daio. Having regain the form of human, Yusuke does a fine job as a private investigator for the spiritual world. He then have friends to help him. They are Kazuma Kuwabara, Kurama and Hiei. They make a very strong group. Because of this, evil ghosts begin to go after their lifes........(adventures began).

Take A Look ImageS!!

Hiei: Hiei my Favourite!
HiEi agaiN: More Images!!..
Kurama: He is wonderful.. :)))
Yusuke: Yusuke the only one...
Perfect: partners!
AlOnE: look! koenma appears...
YuYu.G: CooL
YuYu.g: more pics!
YuYu.g!: only four of them :)))
MiX!: nearly all of them..

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