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I'm back and I have new plans for this site. It will still be for Lum, but I've a brilliant new plan. I'm going to slowly rework it as a place to get background images of Lum for both PC, tablets and Ipods. I've been rather tired of looking over the web for pictures of Lum formatted for the odd ball tablet and Ipod so why not host them here. That way we can get the perfect Lum images for whatever device we have.

UY Forever

We do wallpapers of Lum and nothing but. Every picture for the months can be used as wallpapers for you desktop. All are 1024 x 768 so you can save them as a .bmp to your windows folder on your PC.

Lum Forever.


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If any one wants to know, the third Urusei Yatsura movie has Lum's year of birth as 1967.

going off of that Lum would be 40 years old this year.

If any one could fill in the month and day it would help out .

If you feel you have a great picture of Lum, send it on in. I am always eager to expand my collection. And if I really love it, I just might make it a Lum for a Month.