Shampoo have no idea how many liked me!

10 Reasons Shampoo is the best anime girl out there!!!

10.She can fight.
9.She has long light purple hair.
8.She can change into a cat!!!
7.She wears Pajama type clothes
6.She VIRTUALLY dedicates her life to one person and trying to find him.
5.She works in a CAT CAFE.
4.Her weopons are "bonbouries"
3.SHE IS INCREDIBLY CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2.She can change into a cat then back completely naked!!!!!!

Shampoo Traits

LOVE LIFE:Loved by Mousse..Shampoo likes Ranma and not Mousse...Ranma Would give Her up....Mousse Will stop at nothing to get her...

The Story of Shampoo.

It all started when Ranma and Genma were traveling...they had arrived at a village...There was a tournament going on and Ranma and Genma started eating the first prize!!!!!!This ticked Shampoo off and Ranma decided that if he(she) beat Shampoo than the food would be thiers...At the end Ranma-chan won..Shampoo gave her(him) a kiss....This surprised Ranma mainly because he was still in his female form....Shampoo then replied"Shampoo give KISS OF DEATH."It turned out that the code around her village was that being beaten by an outsider was a bad thing....(The kiss of death meant that Shampoo would pursue Ranma-chan until she had killed her(him)..Back where Ranma lived Shampoo accidentaly came upon the "School of anything goes Maartial Arts". Ranma-kun Knocked her unconscious.....Expectin another kiss of death Shampoo repiled with "Wo Ai Ni"("I LOVE YOU"in chinese)Ranma couldn't stand her following him around so Shampoo heart broken went back to her village...(who didn't see this coming a mile away??)Her grandmother Colonge decided to continue Shampoo's training....They arrived at "The spring of the drowned cat" and Shampoo fell in...now with cold water she was a cat...she mailed herself to ranma in hopes of becoming his pet...But Ranma is DEATHLY AFRAID OF CATS!!So now Shampoo lives in the town with Ranma..pursuing Ranma until she gets him

Some shampoo images

Shampoo in another bikini
shampoo in the sun
Shampoo hugging Ranma
Shampoo carrying bowls

shampoo in bikini
Shampoo running
Shampoo portrait
Shampoo walking
Shampoo with 2 boxes
Shampoo ticked off
Shampoo standing
Shampoo happy
Shampoo waving
shampoo walking
Shampoo flipping

Shampoo sitting
Shampoo jumping
Shampoo Ranma-Chan and Ukyo
Shampoo hugging Ranma
Shampoo with Ranma-Chan Ukyo and Shampoo lokking down at happosai..cool pic
A nice pic of Shampoo
Shampoo with Cymbals
A Pic of Shampoo with ranma puppet
a pic of Shampoo with a very cute face also seems rare..
A pic of shampoo with pink clothes
Shampoo looking sad
The following pics are from one of my ring members..Mike Main..He is a cool artist contact him at anime6@erols.com.
Shampoo as a catby Mike
Shampoo hugging ranma by mike
Do you like the mink??

This GIF animation Mike made cute huh?

Reasons Why Ranma should NOT go with shampoo

1.I would beat him up!!!!
2.Mousse would kill him
3Akane would be miserable
4.Ranma cross-dresses
5.Ranma can't stand her most of the time.

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