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Hello! Welcome to my review page. Lately, I've been interested in watching and reading shojo (girl's) anime and manga. Shojo anime and manga is written for girls by women, and focuses on relationships. However, contrary to the stereotypes that are usually associated with shojo anime and manga, many shojo titles contain action and have exciting stories. Shojo anime and manga will interest anyone who appreciates a well written story and human interaction. In these pages, I'm going to review some of the shojo anime and manga I've seen and read.

Warning: I'm trying not to include spoilers in these reviews, but sometimes I may slip. They shouldn't ruin your viewing experience, but I'd thought you'd like to know.

Ratings' Key:
***** - Excellent. This is the cream of the crop and is well worth buying.
**** - Good. These titles have good story lines and solid characters. They are worth buying or renting.
*** - Fair. These are worth seeing, but you may want to just rent or borrow them.
** - Poor. Only watch or read if you're extremely bored or it's free.
* - Bad. So bad I couldn't finish it.

Note: I am not God, although sometimes I tend to act like it. My opinions are not infallible so if you don't like something I have written here, please do not send me a barrage of flame mail. However, I always welcome constructive criticism, so send me any ideas you may have to make my web site more interesting. Recommendations for good anime/manga are appreciated, too. Thank you.


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Horror/Supernatural - last updated: 3/2/99
Magical Girl - last updated: 3/2/99
Science Fiction - last updated: 3/2/99
Shonen-ai - last updated: 3/2/99
Various - last updated: 3/2/99
Non-shojo - last updated: 3/2/99

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