The Furthered Delusions of Ami A.

     Let me tell you about my delusions...
     I have watched more Ranma 1/2 
     than is probably healthy.  
     If you don't know what Ranma 1/2 
     is there is a link to the Anime 
     Turnpike, find a Ranma page thru 
     there (What?  You think I'm going 
     to tell you?  HA hah haha!) 
     Alot of what is on this page 
     can be blamed on that sad truth. 
     On this page, can be found:
     *Voting- via my guestbook 
     (feel free to enter your other 
     opinions as well!)
     *Fanfiction-  My current project-  
     "I Wanna Go Home" in which Ranma 
     and co. pick up some hitchikers...
     *Links-  To other pages of mine 
     and other pages which just aren't 
     mine.  Not all the links are on 
     this page... Some are on my other 
     pages... Though I don't claim to 
     own most of this stuff!  I promise!)
     Errr----  and my delusions?
     Why Ukyou is my soul mate:
     5.  We both have raging red battle 
     aura's (I use mine to scare off 
     pesky children or guys with weird hair)
     4.  We both trained by the raging sea!  
     (What do you mean that's pointless!?  
     Don't you watch Samurai movies?)
     3.  We're both violent with kitchen 
     2.  We both enjoy smacking down stupid 
     people such as some directionally 
     challenged fanged boys we could mention!)
     1.  We both have broken more mirrors 
     singing than a baseball bat in the Palace 
     of Versaille!  (trust me, get the song, 
     it's worth the download time!)

Links to Reality (or lack thereof)

Spatula City
Don't ask questions. Just point and click.
Ryouga and Ukyou
Images and Links of my favorite anime characters! Suki da, Ryouga!
Kata's Prepackaged Anarchy
My friend's page with links you *need* to visit. Find out about "Bweee!" Productions
I Wanna Go Home
A fanfiction brought to you by "Bweee!" Productions
The Anime Web Turnpike
Just trust me on this one...
LSFC homepage
The homepage for my fencing center
Kiss Paper Dolls
A fun sight, but not recommended for those with low kawaii tolerance
Okanamiyaki Song
Hahahaha! A song sung by Ukyou (who sings as beautifully as myself)... Listen to it, and realize why I've broken more mirrors than a baseball bat in the Palace Versaille
sign it! you don't understand the pain I suffered to obtain this guestbook! Just sign it, please!
They Might Be Giants
I don't care if they *are* lame. They're my favorite band, so here's a link.
A Ranma 1/2 voting site courtesy of "Bweee!" Productions
The Original GRINCH Net
I was voted "Most likely to steal Christmas" This site explains all. "You're a mean one, Mr. Grinch..."

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