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The Anime-Niacs is an Home page built by a little person on the web
trying to make a nice home page for anime lover to come and visit so
please bear with me as I renivate the place

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I have had a huge response to the RPG so let me have a little time to get all the characters up on my page thanks! :)

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News Flash About the RPG

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Anime Role Playing game!

Thats right you heard correct anime role playing game! I plan to start
a online role playing game. Now I want to start it on e-mail then
I want to end up with it on java chat. the game basically is alot like
the online s-moon role playing game except that any character can play.
If you want to play please contact me at wwoods@vhf.nano.bc.ca
and send the following information
Characters name:
Description of appearance:
Back Ground History:
Special weapons:
Any Special Powers(with in reason):
Home Country/Planet:
Martial status:
and anything else you want to send me.
Go to the RPG Resource Page And see who is playing!(under construction)
To figure out how the system works please go to my Anime RPG faq
At the end of each adventure the best RPG will be posted on my page to read by all players! Enjoy
Some Of My Fav Links Include:


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