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Reiko Shimizu: The Collection of Illustrations
Shimuzu Reiko was the first runner up in Puff magazine's New Artist Award in 1985.

Her debut manga was Sansaro monogatari.

Moon Child - published by Hakusensha, 1989-93, 13 volumes @ Y390. Story about 3 children, the offspring of a mermaid and a human. After they were born, they were grew up on another planet and they returned to the Earth in 1985. One of them lost memory in an accident. They also found out what happened to their clan, and had to save the Earth and the mermaids.

Tenshitachi no shinkaron - published by Hakusensha, 1991, Y390. About a sexless robot, Alan, who won't die, won't grow old, and of course will never be able to reproduce. But it has superior intelligence and physical power, and also can communicate with animals. Alan suffers a lot because it lives with human, but it realises it can never live like a human.

22XX - published by Hakusensha, 1994, Y390. About a robot, Jack, who appears frequently in Shimizu's SF stories. He's a robot with very human-like psyche. He once believed that he was human and he can even consume food, unlike many of the other robots of those times. While performing bounty-hunting duties on a strange planet, he has a flashback to the time he believes he was human...

Ryu no nemeru hoshi (Star of the Sleeping Dragon) - serialized on Hana to Yume, 1986-8, 5 volumes @ Y360.

ARIA - published by Hakusensha, 1990 Y1550.

Papillon - published by Hakusensha, 1994, Y390.

Yume no tsudzuki - published by Hakusensha, 1989, Y390.

Kaguya hime - currently published by Hakusensha, 1994, 5 volumes @ Y390.

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