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Welcome to Oshiko Anime


Sorry, due to the extensive HWs and programming assignment, I am unable to trade right now. Please check back again in 2 weeks. For those who I haven't send the tape.. I will try to do send it ASAP.

-All the following are SVHS master, otherwise noted-

Each line consider one tape.

Coming Soon

--Now Distributing for the following groups--

Faceless Minion 


Fansub Files

  • Vampire Princess Miyu 1-4 (LD ver.)
  • Vampire Princess Miyu 5-8 (LD ver.)
  • Vampire Princess Miyu 9-12 (LD ver.)
  • Vampire Princess Miyu 13-16 (LD ver.)
  • Vampire Princess Miyu 17-20 (LD ver.)
  • Geobreeder OVA 1-3
  • Rurouni Kenshin OVA 1-4

  • Fushigi Anime

    Please Read the trade rules to trade our titles.

    Last updated:Aug 30, 99 

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    You have been slices by Kenshin's Sakaba sword  times, but you have been save by Misao-Dono -- Since April 2, 98