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Main Character Profile
Meet Hikaru, Fuu and Umi *^-^*
Meet the side characters *^-^*
Profiles of Emeraude, Clef, Ferio, Presea and Mokona
The Bad Good Guys *^-^*
Zagato, Alcione, Lafarga, Caldina, Ascot and Innova Files *^-^*
MKRE in the Philippines
Info on MKR in my country *^-^*
Self explanatory!
Image Galleries
An OLD Image Maze where you can find the links to my Fuu, Umi and Hikaru Image Gallery. This is an image gallery that hasn't been updated in a long while. I made other image galleries. Email me which one you like best *^-^* Or just sign my guest book for comments.
This is an improved image gallery! If you like the older one or prefer this one make a comment on my guestbook *^-^*
Fuu's pics are here. I don't have a lot so feel free to email me and send me pics you'd want to be seen on my webpage *^-^*
Umi's New Image Gallery!!! My favorite character's image gallery. But I don't have enough pics!!! Email me if you's like improvements!
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Last Update: July 31, 2004
From:August 28, 2003

Welp *^-^* I haven't gone to updating the whole webpage but I changed the background of my main page *^-^* *sweatdrops* Not a lot of improvement for one year. to all those who visit annd sign the guestbook, thanks *^-^* I appreciate them.

*A* Friends are angels who lift us up our feet when our wings have trouble remembering how to fly *A*

Magic Knight Rayearth, on of my favorite animes ever. I love the drawing style. I love their mechas and how CLAMP used magic and mechas hand in hand. I love the pairings and character developement. It's so cute *^-^* Anyway, I decided one afternoon when I was 14 years old to create a webpage about them. *^-^* Hope you like your tour *^-^*

It happened on one fieldtrip day in Tokyo Tower, three girls named Hikaru, Fuu, and Umi suddenly disappeared and soon found themselves riding a big bird. And soon enough they met a few magicians, a couple of monsters, and the one responsible of their apperance in Cephiro in the first place.

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