Leon McNichol

Leon McNichol
The one and only shrine to Leon McNichol of Bubblegum Crisis/Crash!/AD. Police Files/related works.

So who is this Leon guy, anyway? Well, glad you asked. Leon is, in effect, the most respectable male from Bubblegum Crisis (and related works, etc., etc.). In a series where males were typically frowned upon and viewed as villainous bastards, Leon actually managed to earn the largest following for a man. He usually does rather well on popularity polls for the BGC characters. In fact, I am surprised beyong belief that Leon didn't have a shrine before I stepped in and righted this hideous wrong being done unto him.

Personal information on Leon is pretty scarce. He's not a 'main' character (i.e.: not a woman with emotional problems) so there isn't much to write here concerning his background. He was born in AD2007, making him a mere twenty years of age when he engaged his first Boomer in combat. Leon is a handsome man with fairly good manners but notoriously bad timing with women who want nothing to do with him. He's brave and, IMHO, more intelligent than most people will give him credit for being. He's an ace armored trooper pilot who takes his share of bashing while in control of his K-12AT. Leon does not display an unusual degree of knowledge with computers or high-tech equipment, but he can probably work a word processor without any real problem. And when it's out of his control, he calls in Nene Romanova, the youngest Knight Saber, to do his dirty-work, occassionally using blackmail to get his way with her.

As a rule Leon does not do anything truly extraordinary, but certain points about him make him my favorite (male) character from the series. He is remarkably three dimensional beyond what most fans will see. Even when his job, and much more, was being risked by not letting the cat out of the bag concerning Priss' identity as a Knight Saber, he stayed quiet about it. Leon makes himself useful to the Knight Sabers whenever possible and cares deeply for them as a team, even more deeply for Priss as an individual. While the Knight Sabers come to his rescue each time things get out of hand during combat (in other words, always), Leon saved the Knight Sabers' leader, Sylia Stingray, from being killed by Largo, thus bringing to light how very important a character this normally overlooked man really is.

Leon is not shallow or dull the way that most male sidekicks to strong females are. He goes into battle and does it for what he feels is right and worth fighting for. Leon seldom wins, but that is to be expected due to his role in the series. As an AD. Policeman, he serves the public as well as is possible and protects others with his life, no matter what the risk may be. In essence, Leon is arguably more important to the story than one or two of the Knight Sabers are and makes this known with his acts of courage.

During his series, Leon goes through two partners: Jeena Malso, a tougher 'n hell female cop, and Daley Wong, a guy who Jeena could mop the floor with in combat. Daley is more prone toward using high-tech equipment than Leon, who might be accused of acting before he thinks things through. Keena, on the other hand, is the edgier of the two when paired up with Leon and at times he has to keep her in check. It is never explained why Jeena disappears from the story after AD. Police, unless this happens in a manga nobody seems to have access to, but it is generally thought that she died in combat at some point and thus Leon was paired up with Daley Wong.

And last, but for the ladies not least, is Leon's love life. Sort of a sad story, really. Leon has a crush on Priss. Priss has a crush on Sylvie. Nene has a crush on Leon and Leon thinks Nene is cute. Jeena thought Leon was cute, but only because she was a man-eater who wanted a rookie for breakfast. Daley likes Leon in a more personal way than Leon might like, but they joke about it. Leon dates Iris Cara, a Normal Police Officer, as his one successful relationship in the series. Basically, Leon's lovelife is pathetic. Now let's forget we ever discussed it.

That's about all there is to Leon. Well, no it's not, but that's all I am willing to write at the moment. So now we move on to...


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