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Hi everyone!  Welcome to the new and improved AnimeNAU homepage!!!  All the members of AnimeNAU express their apologies due to the lateness of our webpage updates.  We've been really behind on our school work, so we decided to take a month off to revamp our marks ^_^.  So far so good.   Enough of our personal problems. 

All the buttons are pretty self-explanatory, well I hope they come across that way ^_^.  As for our club, we are a club situated in Toronto, Canada, and we welcome all!  Currently, we are trying to get a anime news letter off and running, which is basically anime news here in Toronto and Canada aboard.  So, if you would like to contribute email us! 

If you have any suggestions, complaints, images, or anything that's on your mind email us!  []   We want to know, and we're here to listen ^_^.  That's all from me.  Hope you enjoy your stay here at AnimeNAU!!!  Oh, and please sign our GUESTBOOK!!!logo.jpg (10205 bytes)

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