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Hy and welcome to our page! (creative Greeting,neh?!) This extremely cool page was made by vy! (with little help from crescent). AAARGH....don't hit me!! Okay,to be true: crescent made most of this page (and this FANTASTIC layout.... ) AAAAAH! NOT AGAIN!
Well,many people asked me, why we called our page "Lorli ate my socks..." Lorli is my nice, good-looking and charming brother. Click here or go to our "Cool Pplz"-list (of course he's there, too! He's first place ^.~) if you want to find out more 'bout him and his great band.... who doesn't want to? ^^;
Yours, Vy aka Sara ^.^

+ + + NEWS BY CRESCENT + + +

I know I haven't updated for a VERY long time... 6 months? it's become somewhat boring, i couldn't stand the pink anymore, i had depressions because lorli has a girlfriend... yes he does! this situation is very unusual for all of us, especially me. i mean, nobody really believed that he was heterosexual. i still don't believe it. so he's got a girl. so WHAT? that doesn't mean a thing. he can fool his mother, but he can't fool me. nope. not me.
anyway, i hope you all had fun reading the same stories over and over again and waiting for an update. well, if you're reading this now, stop waiting. i don't think i'll ever find the time to do anything serious on this site again. i'm surprised i still remembered the password.
that's it, i guess. if i ever get a nice idea again, you (lorli's fans, that is) will be the first ones to hear it. good night, have a nice day, take care... IRIE. 0_0 -Crescent

the manga of takeuchi naoko Aug 03/2000