Greetz!  In case you haven't noticed, my page has been neglected heh...  I'm not really as into 
trading cards and stuff as I used to be.  I DO want to get rid of my extras.  Other than buying 
lots of things from me to help get rid of them ^_~*, you can trade, which is really what I prefer at 
this point.  I don't need much (well some sets more than others...), and really want to get some of these sets done
  Another note ^_^.  I leave for college soon, and I will still leave this open.  Granted I'm not like on top of this now, 
I'll try to be more on top of things down the road, but there are no guarantees.  

Here are the rates*: 
North American cards: $0.50 a piece for regular cards, and special cards are $1.00

Japanese cards: $0.75 a piece for regular cards, and special cards are for trade only 

Shipping rates: 

1-6 cards - $.50

7-10 cards - $1.00 

11 and up - $2.00 for  shipping (a mailer and shipping make it $2.00) 

LAST UPDATED - 8/14/01 - **Quantities updated**


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I've had visitors ^.^