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Moon Kingdom

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Oh my God, an update!

Last updated July 6, 2000

Another small one. I'm adding a banner for anyone that wants it. I'm eventually going to add more to this site and finish Galaxia's Story and maybe continue working on my Fushigi Yugi site one of these days. I've been so busy lately so that I don't have much time for my sites. Sorry, but my main work now goes towards the RPG.

Welcome to the Moon Kingdom! My name is Lyn, secretary of the Moon Kingdom. This is mainly an information site for me to show off my Sailor Moon knowledge. They are finally translating the magna into English for the americans! Yeah!! Their also putting out pocket magna for Sailor Moon.

These images are from the first of the Sailor Moon magnas that was translated to English

On behalf of the Moon, your punished Doesn't he look cool? C'est la vie

Coming Attrations: Chapter 3 in Fanfic

Here's a banner for my site if anyone wants to use it (though I highly doubt it). Just copy the pic and put it up on a link via your site.
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