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Mar. 8:  As most of you have noticed, my multimedia is gone. I am working on getting a better server that won't delete all my files once I finally get them uploaded (doggone Xoom), so hopefully all my stuff will be back up within a few weeks. I should also have ALL the files up then, not just a few. The .wav files are all totally gone... did anyone download some and still have them? I can make new ones... but it could save me alot of trouble...

Jan. 10:  I finally came back... boy am I way too busy...  Stuff is fixed, pages are updated, so much stuff there's no way I can list it all.  The big change is the Music, I've linked all the CD pages to the songs themselves for easier access to songs you wanna hear and so you know what CD to buy should you like the songs.  Only the American movie soundtrack files are not uploaded.  I have yet to work out my G/S section, but that'll be my next big project.  I'll have a walkthrough, including Japanese writing for menus and other stuff.