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Special Guest: Amethyst Angel

Ani-note: Thank you, Teresa, for taking time out from buying your new car to send us this article.

        Okay, my REAL name is Teresa and I'm no angel. I'm an anime fan. Not an all-out obsessive, lock myself in the basement with my tape collection and watch it over and over again until my eyes fall out and I'm as white as a cavefish kind of fan. Just a normal, everyday fan with a normal, everyday job. (I design tombstones for a living.) Okay. I suppose that's NOT what you'd call a normal, everyday job, but it is an interesting one. You wouldn't believe the strange things some customers have wanted to have splashed across their headstones. The best epitaphs I've come across so far are: "I Told You I Was Sick", and "I'm Going To Disneyland!" I get a few laughs in this line of work, now and then, but since everything is so centered around death most of the time, I find myself getting a little depressed every now and then. So I've made a brand new website, and I've filled it with the loopiest, most bizarre humor my twisted little brain can muster in the hopes that, by making others laugh, I can somehow lift the dark clouds which seem to dog me every now and again when I face this thing called Life. My website is called Amethyst Angel's Anime Alcove (I know the alliteration is annoying, but I'm hoping it'll help you remember the name,) and you'll find it at:

Now it's time to tell you my story....

        I was introduced to the world of anime many years ago during the zillions of years I spent at college, thanks to a university-sponsored Otaku Club. I was glad our school had such a club. During the most stressful of my studentdays, I often found that anime's zany, farcical, face-faulting humor was just the thing I needed to brighten the shine in my halo. Series like Slayers and Ranma 1/2 helped take the edge off of those long hours I spent in class sitting through subjects like "cultural mathematics". And it sure helped me through those long weekends I spent standing over the deep fat fryer at Arby's, gazing at my haggard reflection in the greasy pool below, watching as the years and the long hours of tedious labor slowly took their terrible toll on my once youthful features. But now, those days of struggle have long since past. I've finally graduated, gotten myself a job, and I'm now at the point in my life when I can finally ease my way down the yellow-brick road to true Otakudom. I can finally afford to build my very own b!#chin' anime collection. It's coming along rather nicely so far, considering my present entry-level income.

        Now, as I said before, I don't really consider myself an all-out anime fanatic, but there are times in my life now when I do find myself holding off on major purchases just so I can squeeze a little more anime into my budget. (Hell, just how important IS furniture anyway? I mean, those boxes I used to move my stuff into my apartment with converted really nicely into a table and chairs once I threw a tablecloth and some towels over them. It's not like I really feel a need to get fancy...). In my opinion, a TRUE anime fanatic would be someone who actually considers leaving their present job and going to work at a video or electronics store, just so they use their employee discount to get anime. I don't think I've reached that point....yet... I mean.. My present job pays pretty well, but all I get in the way of an employee discount is 15% off the purchase of my own headstone... Hmm... At least I get to design the thing... I'll have as my epitaph the words, "Here Lies an Anime Fan "... Then I'd really be a true, red-blooded Otaku, wouldn't I? ( I'm hopin' I won't have to worry about what goes on my tombstone for a while, tho'...)

Anyway, why don't I change the subject to something a little less morbid and tell you about my favorite links?

        My first web choice is a site called the . What ARE crossover comics? Well, basically, you take scenes and images from one series and you splice 'em in with scenes and images from another. Thus, you can create all sorts of new and often bizarrely funny scenarios usually involving characters --(live action, anime, or otherwise)-- who would have normally absolutely nothing to do with each other. A thorough exploration of the Archive will eventually bring you to where you can witness a myriad of strange crossover battles. Thrill as Chun-Li (of Streetfighter fame) or better yet, watch her !

        Speaking of Mr. T (and you'll find me doing that a lot ^_^), you can't really go into a discussion of Crossover Comics without mentioning one of the best examples of the entire genre: the widely critically acclaimed, .The Queen of Swords gave a pretty good overview of this site in her recent article, but what you and she may not have known is that sitemaster, B.A. Baracus, jazzed up many of his recent tales, adding more plot twists here and there to many of his T adventures and tacking on some new endings. His newly improved, special effects laden is a definite must-visit. This site has always been one of my personal favorites, as it helped to provide me with the inspiration to create my own helluva tough T comics: and (which were also recent Guest Picks of the Queen of Swords, by the way). Ultimately, B.A. was the one who started me down the road to making Crossover Comics, now a pastime which not only consumes my every non-working waking hour, but also threatens to usurp my entire existence here on Earth. Thanks B.A.! Oh and special thanks to Ann's , and for providing me with the screencaptures, images, and other raw materials I needed to make my Crossover Adventures a reality. My sites just wouldn't a' been the same without them, believe me... Thanks, guys!

        I suppose I should also extend my thanks to the Queen of Swords for mentioning my Mr. T sites in her recent Guest Picks article. Her site, has always been a frequent destination of my web browser. God knows her innuendo-filled, over the top fanfiction has often been just the thing to cheer this angel up during many a deep bout of depression. She currently has a wonderful Inu-Yasha fanfiction going called with chapter fanart currently supplied by the oh, so talented and of course, there's her famous, or rather infamous, and Series . And let's not forget her Archive, where you'll find all your favorite Slayers characters living on an uncharted deserted isle, engaging a wide variety of wacky, free-for-all adventures, (some of which the Queen has written herself, many of which were submitted by guestwriters.) If you access the Gourrigan's Island Guest Fics Menu, you'll find listed there my latest Crossover Comic Effort, . It's a graphic (in that it has pictures) sequel to one my favorite Queen-written Gourrigan fics, a Slayers/Escaflowne crossover entitled . A real funny story. You'll find readin' all of Queenie's fanfics a guilty little pleasure you'll come back to time and time again...

        While I'm on the subject of fanfiction, I'd like to mention a great story I surfed into recently, an Escaflowne fanfiction written by Sarah Neko entitled "Scars on the Heart". It's a ripping good yarn about Dilandau Albatou, the red-eyed pyro cutie who's always been my favorite of the Escaboys. You'll find this tale along with lots of thoughtful Dilandau commentary on Sarah's loving tribute page to the Demonic Bishounen, . Of course I can't go into the subject of Dilandau shrines without mentioning one of the greatest centers of Dilly worship on the web, , where you'll find scores of Dilly images, fanart, fun quizzes and even some original comics-- (Syrena's the same artist who made . So you know her stuff is good!) The third and last Dilandau shrine I'd like to mention is a quirky and stylish little page called . Here you'll find sound files, some troubled teen poetry, and my favorite, a fanfic version of Celebrity Jeopardy which pits a frustrated Dilandau against a number of funny foes, such as Dr. Evil and Golgo 13. The game itself ultimately descends into a dizzying spiral of gore and blood and madness,.and, well, that's when it starts getting fun! "MOERROOO!!!!"--As Dilandau would say... I've always been a big fan of Pyro-Boy and his manic antics. I only hope he'll forgive me for all those mean little things I've done to him in my little Crossover adventures. Like having Mr. T beating him up and throwing him helluva far in Mr. T vs. Escaflowne.... And then having him getting squashed by a cow and eaten by a giant Hellrabbit in The Wrath of Invincar... But I'm pretty sure Dil-chan's the kind of guy who can take a joke... I'm sure he's not the vengeful type. As a matter of fact, I can see him out the window right now, standing next to my car, smiling and waving at me...Now he's reaching behind his back and now he's got something in his hands...... It's long and it's got a nozzle and it sorta looks like a flamethro-OH MY GOD! NOOOO! NOT THE CAR!!!! NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

Uh, gotta go now.


Anipike not being responsible for Acts of God or the vaguaries of humans  ;)
this column will appear 'as and when' articles come in. New articles will
be announced on the "New List" page. (So original, da yo..^^)

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