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Special Guest: Clay

The THIN H LINE   Anipike Guest Picks -- Clay

Hi, I'm Clay, and for some reason, I'm doing a Guest Picks for Anipike. I can't tell you the reason, because I don't know either. Anyways, a little about myself. I have been drawing online comics in a pseuso-anime style since December, 1997. Everything I've done is online at my site (which I'll plug AFTER I've plugged everyone else's site). Some of the comics I've done are A Heart Made of Glass, Spike, Aphasia (with Carrie O'Kaye) and The THIN H LINE. All of these comics are in various states of completion. Currently, I'm spending most of my efforts on the THIN H LINE, a weekly comic with an adult twist, inspired by the Japanese comic Heartbreak Angels.

I also helped start , an online directory of comic artists. I did the concept and programming, and maintained it by myself for a year. I recently passed it on.

So enough about me. You want somewhere to go.

So, without ado, my number one favorite all-time greatest-site-in-the-world is...


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