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Special Guest: Danny Hong

Y'know, there's quite an interesting story to how I came to be this week's Anipike Guestpick author... I am grateful for this opportunity, yes, and it is a nice honour to be able to share my picks for the world to see. But anyways, the story on how I got here...

r     e     w     i     n     d     .     .     .

the REAL story

It all started at this year's Otakon.

The webpage design panel that arranged, and along with herself, had other webgeeks like , , , as well as , hosting it.
Anyways, at one point during the panel, on the topic of web-exposure, made the oh-so-keen observation that all of us hosts had been at one point, Anipike Guestpick authors...


Danny hadn't!

After retribution for my earlier Canada jokes, we eventually finished the panel, and I began my rounds again, wandering the convention, taking pictures.

Unbeknown to me until a little later, someone else had come up with that realization. Nikkou-san herself was in the audience, and was greeted with much avail. She had also realized that all of the webgeeks up on stage had all, at one point been anipike guest picks...except. for me. Running around, taking pictures of both candid moments and costumers, who would I run into but Nikkou-san herself! And it would be her (as well as the others') realization that I had not done guest picks, and her asking me if I wanted to do them. Who am I to refuse such an honour, in person at that? And here I am, plugging sites, as an official Anipike guest pick author.

p     r     e     s     e     n     t     .     .     .

How did I get into anime?

I've been watching it for over eight years now.  My first real favourite series was probably Ranma 1/2, like a whole lot of the anime world.  I remember that I hated Ryouga, and thinking Akane was the densest person on the face of the planet.  My current favorites in anime as follows: Card Captor Sakura, Jubei-chan: Secret of the Lovely Eyepatch, Rurouni Kenshin, Kodomo no Omocha, Majutsushi Orphen, and Kareshi Kanojo no Jijyo.

Other stuff about me:

I have been doing webpages for nearly four years now, and am currently doing freelance web development.  I am a on-and-off graphic designer, and have been doing computer graphics for the past four years.  I am a psychology major.  I love freelance photography.  I love Kung-fu and Hong Kong cinema. I enjoy occasional, but extreme physical exertion, like weight lifting, biking, and mountain climbing.  I have four ear piercings and five tattoos.  Betcha didn't expect that one? ^_~ 

Time for the links!

Of course, I must plug my own site, , since that is my epitome of web-exposure.  Within the domain lies the sub-sites which I shall also plug, , my infamous convention site, with pictures, reports, and commentary, spiced up by my own special mix of "wit" and sarcastic cynicism.  , home to possibly the most controversial convention cliqué out there.  , a small index to some of the great(and profitable $_$) artwork done by my great friend, Brittnay.

Conventions. I am a con slut, and I attend like seven or eight of them a year. I've been east coast, west coast, far north, down south. Kevin Lillard's , (duh) gives you the best in minute-by-minute coverage of the cons while they're happening. Widya Santoso's is the best in the world, if you want to find anything cosplay related, go here first! , in my opinion, one of the best cosplayers out there, who not only has the looks, but the skill, to make some wonderful costumes. , run by another friend, whom is not only a pretty costumer, but a spectacular artist as well.

Humour, of course, it's something I live for. , whose amazing artists are visible masters of the cut and paste, airbrush and smoothing techniques, as well has having a sense of humour that's sickeningly great. The Rossman DOT Com, one of my favorite sites to occasionally visit. Lots and lots of funny content, as well as great artwork and graphic design. And a non-anime link, , the best in "fake" news, obviously something that can get a good laugh out of me.

Now, for a whole bunch of my favorite anime-related links... , THE best site out there to find out the bare information about some of the best in shoujo anime. Short and sweet, and one of the true pioneers in the belief that "it's all about content, not load-time." Tomobiki-cho, the ultimate Urusei Yatsura page, with everything you would want to know about the series. , Jupey's super-content shrine to Rei Ayanami. You will find EVERYTHING that has to do with Rei Ayanami here.

, one of the best organized Rurouni Kenshin sites out there on the web. , you can find just about anything that has to do with Kodomo no Omocha here, whether it is episode guides to japanese cosplay. Want to be totally spoiled, and see the last manga issue of Card Captor Sakura? And one of my favorite anime movies (no joking)

, an adorable and wonderfully contented page with a nice atmosphere, and a great Mahou Tsukai Tai! section. the ultimate lyric archive, without question. , the site of the great artist, Ian Kim. , one of the largest shrines to CG artwork of various artists of various women of the anime & game worlds. , one of my favorite stores to order from...

*whew!* I bet you thought that I would go on forever, at that rate! Well, I am finished now, so you can now all go back to your regularly scheduled lives. You can get in contact with me through , and I'm not all that difficult to find at the conventions... Thank you Nikkou-san for summoning me for guestpicks, and thanks to everyone else for reading!

See you later, Space Cowboy.... =)

Anipike not being responsible for Acts of God or the vaguaries of humans  ;)
this column will appear 'as and when' articles come in. New articles will
be announced on the "New List" page. (So original, da yo..^^)

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