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Special Guest: Fredrik Lundgren

About Fredrik:

The first anime that I ever watched was actually Nausicaa and Macross: Do You Remember Love, although I had no idea that neither of them was an anime at that time, which I rented in a local video store. I was about 10 years old and both were Swedish dubbed, and Nausicaa was actually a dubbed version of that horrible American release. But none the less, I was mesmerized by them and must've watched them at least 10 times each during the two or three days I had them.
It wasn't until years later that I realized that they had actually been anime, when I by coincidence happened to come across a subtitled copy of Macross:DYRL in the same local video store. That was about 5 years ago, and I've been getting anime, manga and stuff related to those in heaps ever since. ^_^

I do have a few anime and manga which are my fav. Among anime, Rurouni Kenshin and BubbleGum Crisis are always those that are mentioned when people ask me which anime I like. And I do like them... In fact... I have BubbleGum Crisis on tape, LD and DVD... pretty crazy, huh? ^_^
My fav. manga can only be, the one and only Nausicaa. What can I say, I just love Miyazaki's wonderful art, can't get enough of it.

I'm the creator of the , which I started because I thought there was an excess of midi and not enough modules of anime songs on the net. I'm quite proud to say that in it's first year it has received over 20,000 visitors and received two awards. I've also received a lot of positive feedback, and requests for songs that people wanted me to do. In fact, I received well over 12,000 emails related to the page in its first year alone. Which caused quite a disturbance for me because of all the time I had to put in just answering as many emails as I could.
Apart from the anime mods page which I started about one and a half years ago. I've been tracking (which is what the process of making a mod is called) for well over 8 years now, and have released a lot of original music as well. You can check out the latest of my songs at defacto2's () webpage.

I'm also a co-creator of , which I and a friend created. From the start it was only meant to contain Rurouni Kenshin fanfics. But my rebellious friend went behind my back and wrote a Ranma fanfic... ^_^

Being an anime fan in Sweden is a pretty hard thing to be, since anime has been stamped with quite a bad reputation here. The most common anime is basically Akira and Urotsukidoji, and anime in general have been labeled as nothing but sex and violence because of those two.
Of course there has been a lot of good things written about it as well, but in a country where Donald Duck has been labeled as violent.... need I say more?
Also, Sweden is bascially a PAL only country. NTSC is something you have to search for here, and NTSC tapes are almost never sold in stores. So we often grow pretty dependent on overseas ordering (god knows I've done quite a few....).

So... on to the links...

Project Oro

A wonderful page on Rurouni Kenshin that contains a lot of info on the characters, episodes and lot's of downloads :) Not to mention that it's one of the most well designed pages I've ever seen!

Maigo-chan's RuroKen Translations

If you want to buy the Rurouni Kenshin manga, but can't read Japanese. Then this page is a huge help. So far you can get translations for the first 18 Jump Comics from here.

Darkwind's Homepage

I'm a bit into writing and reading fanfics too, and this page contains the best fanfiction I've ever had the pleasure of reading.

The Crowded House

A cool fan comic made by an IRC friend of mine.

Ranma1/2 Library

The biggest page on Ranma 1/2 that I know of. It's got just about everything you would want to know about the series, as well as lots of cool downloads and stuff.

US Anime Release Dates

A very good place to get to know what manga and anime that are going to be released. Of course it's only US releases, but it's better then nothing for us European fans.
And it sure is longer then any European release list, which I don't think really exists. Let's face it, it would be to short for anyone to bother making it.


Online comics in which artists take turns in writing pages for the comics. They make for very fun reading.

#Sstrax Homepage

A huge collection of game music in different mod formats. Mostly Square games, but there are covers from other games as well. And yes, you can find some covers made by me there. :)

The #anime channel

The web page of an IRC channel I frequently visit. Not really much here to look at... well, you can get some useless information on what when on in the channel the day before... :) Oh, and there are some talented comic artists in the channel as well, you can find some of their works here too.

VeritaS / Defacto2 ( ()

Anipike not being responsible for Acts of God or the vaguaries of humans  ;)
this column will appear 'as and when' articles come in. New articles will
be announced on the "New List" page. (So original, da yo..^^)

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